Περιγραφή / Description

Chain Grade 80 – DIN5687 has less weight per meter than the common chains due to the use of smaller steel diameter during manufacture and more resistance to strain, stress and wear due to heat treated alloy steel.
The steel used for the manufacture of Grade 80 chains and components is of high quality and special composition that follows the specifications of the DIN5687 standard and has a full lifting capacity at temperatures from – 40o  to + 200o C.


Working Load Limit
The lifting limit is the maximum load where the chain can be used during lifting.

Proof Test
The proof test is the load in which the chain has been tested and responds safely to the specific rules applied to each country.
The ratio between the proof test and the working load must be 2,5: 1.

Breaking Load
The breaking load is the minimum limit, which the chain must support on breaking point in the tensile process.
The ratio between the breaking load and the working load must be 4: 1.